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Transform from a beginner to an outstanding SEO expert with our heartfelt SEO Training for Beginners. Lift Uplift Offers a Limited-Time Exciting Offer to Learn & Master SEO Skills from scratch for just ₹2999/- only. Register today for the Best SEO Course From Sikkim’s Top Grossing SEO Training Online Platform currently in the market. Our course is highly rated among the best online SEO training courses in Gangtok, and we take pride in boosting your competence with our basic to advanced SEO course, all in just 8 weeks. So, Why Wait? Give us a chance to walk you through the path to becoming an exceptional expert in Search Engine Optimization.

Transform from a beginner to an SEO expert with our top-rate SEO Training Course in Gangtok, Sikkim. Learn and master SEO skills in 8 weeks for just ₹2999. Register today and boost your competence!

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What you will learn

Search Engine Optimization Training
Course At A Glance!


Keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, and keeping up with the latest trends to improve website visibility.


Analytical Skill

Utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Search Console and many others to track, measure, and interpret SEO performance data for informed decision-making.


Identifying and resolving SEO issues through audits, strategic planning, and implementing effective solutions to improve site performance and rankings.


Developing skills to effectively present SEO strategies, reports, and results to clients and stakeholders, ensuring clear and impactful communication.

Project Management

Managing SEO projects from start to finish, including planning, execution, monitoring, and optimization, ensuring timely and successful completion.

How to Make Money

We will discuss monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, offering SEO services, and leveraging SEO skills to drive traffic and revenue.

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The SEO Training Workshop  in Bangalore offers SEO training for beginners and covers basic to advanced SEO course modules within 8 weeks. There are currently 50 enrollments that are open for aspiring aspirants to participate in the particular Search Engine Optimization training course. This SEO full course is not only rated high among the best online SEO training courses in Bangalore but it is also affordable at a price of ₹2999/- only. At Lift Uplift, you will be offered detailed and comprehensive sessions that will guide you on your competence across the SEO marketing course. The sessions will include modules such as Introduction to SEO and Basics of SEO and Keyword Research at the primary stage followed by advanced modules like On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and so on. Hurry up and register before the exclusive enrollment of 80 entries lasts!

HOW WILL you learn

Know What’s More in Our SEO
Training Workshop!

Live Classes

Learn from the best-in-class SEO training institute in Gangtok with 50 students in a batch, Lift Uplift, known for its high-quality educational and marketing trend-focused modules.

Expert-Led Sessions

Gain insights from a highly professional team of SEO experts through inspirational sessions tailored to dedicated SEO trainees throughout these 8 weeks.

Hands-On Learning

Engage in regular tests and comprehensive tasks designed to closely monitor your learning progress and skill advancement.

High Ratings and Recommendations

Join a nationally recognized institute, highly rated and recommended across India for both beginner and advanced SEO training within Gangtok.

Career-Enhancing Certification

Earn an SEO certification that is an exceptional resource for advancing your career, backed by rigorous training and assessment.

Community and Support

Be part of a supportive community where you can recommend & be recommended by peers, enhancing your learning experience & network.

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Every module in the SEO course online offered by Lift Uplift – the best-in-class SEO training institute in Gangtok, Sikkim, is crafted keeping the educational and marketing trends in mind. We offer inspirational sessions from the end of a highly professional SEO expert team to every dedicated SEO trainee. So, even if your friends or colleagues find it hard while searching for the “best SEO training institute near me” on the internet; just recommend them our name. We have been known to provide the best SEO training in Gangtok and have been rated highly as a competing SEO training institute across the entire Bangalore. We take regular tests and engage SEO trainees in comprehensive tasks. This helps us examine how well they learn and advance in this field closely so that the SEO certification turns out to be an exceptional resource for their careers. Register for our SEO course and know why we are being recommended the best in both SEO training for beginners and as an advanced SEO course option.


Know What’s In for SEO Training for
Both Beginners & Experts!

Practical Experience

Direct potential guests to your website or booking page, increasing direct bookings and reducing reliance on third-party platforms.

Expert-Led Training

Stand out from competitors in search results, capturing the attention of potential guests and gaining a competitive edge.

Reputed Certification

Continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to improve performance, maximize ROI, and drive more bookings.

Career Opportunities

Advertise your hotel prominently on Google search results, reaching a larger audience actively searching for accommodations.

Critical Business Skills

Precisely target potential guests based on location, interests, and search, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Time Bound Learning

Pay only for clicks or conversions, making Google Ads a cost-effective advertising method with measurable results.

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There is a reason why the SEO training course in Gangtok at Lift Uplift is known as the best online SEO training courses. Our team of professional SEO experts not only fulfils the aspirations of SEO training for beginners closely but also caters to the needs of students who want to excel in the advanced SEO course. The SEO certification that we offer is highly reputed and will shape your bright future. Search Engine Optimization course has become critically significant, as there are so many untapped career opportunities in the industries associated with it.

Modern businesses are competing for enhanced online visibility across the internet for higher sales and better customer satisfaction and retention rates. Top SEO aspirants are drawing salaries as high as ₹5.4 lakhs per year. SEO has been shaping careers and unlocking new ways of advertisement and content development for businesses across IT and marketing industries. Thus, an SEO course is a must if you are willing to explore career opportunities across these industries. Well, enrolling on the exclusive Lift Uplift limited-time SEO training course in Gangtok, Sikkim could be the best aid to support your dreams.


SEO Training Course in Gangtok!

Check out what our satisfied students, pursuing trainees, and exceptional professionals in SEO fields have to say about our SEO Training Workshop in Gangtok, Sikkim.

Course Module

Presenting Our Comprehensive SEO Training Course Outline

You can interact with the drop-down menus to explore a brief idea of different modules that are included within the comprehensive SEO Training Course in Gangtok from Lift Uplift.


Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 2: Keyword Research

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 3: On-Page SEO

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 4: Technical SEO

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 5: Off-Page SEO

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 6: Local SEO

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

WEEK 7: SEO Tools and Analytics

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics

Class 1: What is SEO?
Class 2: SEO Basics


Understanding the Course Curriculum & Qualification for
SEO Training Course that We are Offering


Weekly Breakdown of What You Will Be Learning in Our SEO Marketing Course


Individuals during the module will learn the importance, scope, and overall benefits of SEO for professional standards in the first class session.

They will also be informed about basic SEO terminologies along with a brief walk-through of search engine implications in the real world.

The next class will focus on providing basic aspects of SEO such as the usage of search engines, Google algorithms, different SEO events, and so on. Trainees’ competencies would also be evaluated via tests at the end of the week.

WEEK 2: Keyword Research

The week 2 module comprises lessons associated with keyword research and terminologies such as ToFu, MoFu, BoFu, user intent, keyword rankings, and relevance. The next class will focus on teaching SEO trainees about the use of Google Keyword Planner, free SEO tools, and ways to search websites and blogs.

WEEK 3: On-Page SEO

The week 3 module is divided into 4 classes, starting lessons associated with content optimisation and marketing, understanding and use of On-Page elements, and multimedia and internal linking.

WEEK 4: Technical SEO

The 1st class of the particular module focuses on the application of SEO along with XML and other technical components. The next classes are associated with understanding and application of technical metrics along with the usage of structured data and Schema markup. Activities such as website audits, optimisations of web pages, and more would be used to evaluate the performance of an SEO expert.

WEEK 5: Off-Page SEO

Here in this part SEO training workshop, SEO trainees are expected to learn in-depth attributes about link building and the use of social signals and brand mentions, Moreover, individuals need to give tests to justify how well they have caught up until now and solve issues that they face while pursuing the best SEO course in Gangtok, Sikkim from Lift Uplift with the tutor.

WEEK 6: Local SEO

In the sixth week, trainees will be made to learn about how a business is made findable across Google using SEO along with the importance and uses of local citations, tools, and local keyword optimization.

WEEK 7: SEO Tools and Analytics

During this week, SEO trainees will practically learn how to use different tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Tests are vital for trainees in this week as well which would be based on lessons during the week.

Lastly, the week comprises lessons based on knowing the significance of advanced SEO terminologies along with detailed discussions of the latest trends and future scope of SEO.


Certification We Offer to Join the
Best SEO Training in Gangtok

After the completion of the course, SEO trainees will be provided with certificates, which will not be limited to experienced veterans in the field. The following image is a representation of the SEO certification that an SEO trainee would expect from Lift Uplift.


What is the overall duration of the SEO course?

We are happy to inform you that the entire course has been planned and prepared in a way that it becomes easier even for a beginner to complete modules within the eight-week timeline.

What is the overall cost of the SEO training course? Will there be a discount?

The cost of the SEO training course in Gangtok along with SEO certification will be ₹2999 only. Hurry up and register soon since the price might spike after the end of the first 50 enrollments. No, the price mentioned is a final cost that does not include any further discount.

Who can apply for the course?

Anyone can apply as far as their concern is to expand their knowledge and expertise around SEO. Students as well as employees from small businesses can apply for the course.

Will I be able to land a job directly after showing the SEO certificate that I receive?

No, the SEO certification is just a token of recommendation that just adds value to your resume. It is your performance during the interview that matters.

Is there any specific age-limit for the course?